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Big Five

Big Five:

Introduction To Big Five

 The word "Big Five" refers to the problem of hunting lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and African buffalo.

These five large African mammals were considered dangerous, and the fact that trophy hunters brought them home is considered a feat.

At first glance, these wild animals were known as the Big Five.
Because at a time when animal hunting was in full swing, catching or hunting these five animals would take a lot of lives.
These five animals include the largest mammal on earth and the king and vizier of the forest

1) African Elephant:

Seeds have developed in many plant species which depend on the digestive tract of the elephant before germination.

At least one-third of the species in the forests of West Africa depend on elephants for propagation.

African elephants communicate over short distances over long distances that humans cannot hear.

2) White Rhinoceros:

White rhinoceros is not white, but slate is gray to yellowish brown in color. 

The name of the species is in fact derived from its original Dutch, "brick" (wide), in reference to the astonishing falsehood of the animal.

The rhinoceros has low vision and will occasionally attack trees and rocks by accident. However, their sense of hearing and smell is excellent, thus weakening their vision.

3) Cape Buffalo:

Although African buffaloes are closely related to water buffaloes, they are not believed to be closely related. And unlike the water buffalo, the dangerous African buffalo has never been domesticated

The primary prey of the buffalo is the lion. The buffalo will try to save the other member caught. After killing a member of this group, they have realized that they have killed a lion.

4) African Lion:

The history of the African lion as a symbol of courage and strength.The body of this symbolic creature is powerful - in the cat family it is second only to the size of a tiger and roars that can be heard ten miles away. 

The adult lion's coat is yellow-gold, and the juvenile has some light spots that disappear with age. Only male lions are proud of their necks, an impressive amount of long hair surrounding their hair

5) Leopard:

The leopard is nocturnal, solitary and secretive, hiding during the day. They have been seen at less in the Big Five

Leopards are great at climbing trees. They prevent from stealing hunt from hyenas and lion by hiding there hunt on tree.

They are also strong swimmers and occasionally eat fish and crabs

It's all about the five animals of the Big Five on Earth

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