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02) Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary (Jalgaon)

02)Yawal Wildlife sanctuary :

Introduction To Place:

located in Yaval Tehsil, Jalgaon District, Maharashtra, India. The sanctuary covers an area of about 178 square kilometers (69 square miles) of dense forest. It has rich species of plants and animals. That is why it has become a beautiful resort

It is one of the six sanctuaries in Maharashtra where tigers Reserve.It is a place of cool air and a sanctuary in the Satpuda mountain range.
There is no shortage of water in this place with high mountains, there is natural places where there are so many lush forests and many kinds of wild animals.

The sanctuary has many breathtaking views.
In this place, there are beautiful small rivers that are connected to each other and are spread in mountain ranges

In these mountains, two of the largest cats, the tiger and the leopard, meet.
It takes a lot of effort to see a leopard because a big leopard cat is a bit shy, it hides during the day and is active at night.

Tiger, leopard, sambar deer, chinkara, nilgai, lazy bear, hyena, jackal, fox, wolf, wild boar, barking deer, jungle cat, palm civet, wild dog, flying square, common grassland bird and mountain bird All these kinds of animals and bird you see in Yaval Sanctuary.

The Government Rest House has accommodation and boarding facilities. The British-era rest house is located at Pal, part of the sanctuary

Teak, Salai and Anjan trees dominate the forest, other major species are Main, Shisham, Turmeric, Tiwas, Khair, Charoli, Jamun, Tendu, Amla etc. There is a dense growth of bamboo and grass etc.

Pal, Mahabharata period Maharshi Vyas temple in Yaval city, Yaval fort with history of Anglo Maratha war, Yaval court is the oldest court in British period.

There are many types of medicinal plants in these forests of Yaval which are used by the tribal people living in these places as Ayurvedic medicine.

The leopard lives very well in this forest, it is the most shy of the big cats.
It is easier to see a bear and a tiger in this forest than to see a leopard.

The sanctuary is divided into large areas and is important from the point of view of wildlife.
It is a matter of ecology that the tigers and leopards in the forest are living well in the food chain.

That's All About Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary.

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